And the Oscar goes to…

The hardest part about writing, is writing.

This quote was one of the only things I took away from the Oscars on Sunday evening. It was attributed to the late Nora Ephron who died last June after losing her battle with leukemia. Although I can’t find any source attributing this to the great author and director, I did find it attributed to the author Gabe Rotter. Regardless of who said it, I agree!

That being said, maybe the secret is just making time for it. So far today is off to a good start. I’ve taken some time off of my job to focus on writing this week. I got five pages written this morning and have more time planned this afternoon.

I spoke to Anthony yesterday. He has two meetings set up now with two different organizations which hopefully can help him with housing and employment. This is good news – but I am hesitant to get overly enthusiastic until we have some real progress. And I am not sure what Anthony really wants deep down inside. I’m concerned that he has fallen accustomed to his life on the streets. It’s not easy, but it’s familiar.

I’m going to go with him on Friday to a job fair. He may just be humoring me by going – it was me who suggested it. And this may not be a good idea. I mean, he doesn’t have a resume put together or even a clear idea of what he would like to do. I think though that there may be a benefit in attending and talking with some employers about career opportunities that they have. I’m looking at it as more of an informational session for Anthony.

Alright. I’m going to trade in my laptop for a some gym equipment for a while and give my brain a break. Hopefully that will help me get recharged for my writing this afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. Maria says:

    That’s too funny, Reed; that quote was also my major takeaway from the Oscars! Congrats to you on making some good progress with your writing. That definitely takes discipline. And I hope things go well with Anthony with his meetings and at the job fair. With the latter, it might be good for him to be in such an environment just that he can see the possibilities that might be available to him, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate having you there with him.

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