Mixed Signals

question marksI’ve had a good week working on my book. Taking time off from my main job has helped create space for me to concentrate on writing.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel as confident about the progress that we are making with Anthony. There were some really good signs this week. I got an outreach center which helps homeless secure living wage jobs and get into housing agree to meet with Anthony to see if they could help him. Good right? Well, Anthony didn’t seem t0o excited about it. In fact, when I spoke to him today two hours before his scheduled meeting with the center he said he wasn’t sure if he was going to go. I encouraged him to go and told him that if he decided to bail that he needed to contact them beforehand.

On top of this, he told me that he no longer wanted to go to the job fair tomorrow at the Mead Center. “I think I will have better luck finding jobs through Christine,” he told me. This is a new person that he has brought up that he knew from a past position she held with an outreach center here in Washington. We’ll see where that goes.

Hopefully I am wrong about this. But I am feeling a reluctance on his part to take crucial steps that might just lead him to housing. He told me when we started on our journey together that this was something that he really wanted.  He told me that he was tired of living on the streets and was ready to trade that life in for the chance to hold the keys to his very own place.  Let’s hope I’m just reading too much into this and that that Anthony and I, and the many others who have offered their help, are not all wasting our time.

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