Week 10 Update

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Anthony and me at Starbucks this morning

Anthony and I met up this morning for our bi-weekly meeting. First we went over to a doctor’s visit that he had. It seems that his blood pressure is getting more stable although it is still considerably higher than what the doctor would like.

We then headed across the street to the Whole Foods for lunch. We circled the hot and cold food bars surveying the various offerings until we both honed in on our prey. I made myself a black bean and quinoa salad and Anthony got some grilled chicken and greens. Although we were lucky to find seating rather quickly, it was so packed in the café that we finished our food and walked over to 22nd and K to the Starbucks to have some coffee and update each other on our progress.


Anthony’s grande iced white mocha awaits him as he counts his savings.

We settled in at a cozy table along the window – I ordered a doppio espresso; Anthony got a grande iced white mocha with an extra shot of espresso. I don’t know why but his choice of coffee made me laugh. A “grande iced white mocha with an extra shot of espresso!”

Anyway there were lots of “to dos” for Anthony – there are a couple of good leads related to housing that we are both working on. Also, I found a job fair that will be held a week from Friday and offered to take Anthony. He agreed, although I felt, as I have in the past, that he is cautious to pursue other employment that might interfere with his Street Sense work.

For me, I’ve got to set a proper date to finish my first draft of the complete proposal for my book. I agreed to have that figured out when we meet again in two weeks and Anthony agreed to brainstorm an effective “penalty” for me if I fail to finish on time. That ought to be interesting! If you have a suggestion…let me know!


Anthony tries on his new hat

Before going our separate ways, I shared with Anthony that today was exactly the three-year anniversary of our meeting back in 2010. I gave him a small gift – a faux fur-lined aviator style flap hat – like the one he wears every day in the winter. His had seen better days and I thought he could use a clean, warm hat to protect him against the elements.

Who knew back in February of 2010 that we would still be friends three years later? Life is beautiful.

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