August update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on Anthony and me. Anthony is doing great. He’s so happy to have his very own living space. Thank you to all of you who helped him in some way. From the financial donations to the care-packages to this amazing quilt that Joyce from Texas made especially for Anthony! It’s beautiful! He has it spread over his bed and uses it to cover up at night if he gets cool while watching tv.


Joyce from Texas made this beautiful quilt for Anthony! Photo: Reed Sandridge

Right now we are working on two new things for Anthony. First, we are looking for an adult literacy class for him to join. As a result of dropping out of school in the 7th grade, his reading and writing skills are basic. Improving in this area will be key to him finding better employment.

Second, now that Anthony has a place to stay he has some added expenses and the practice of budgeting is even more important if he is going to continue to stay in housing. So far I’ve been working with him on this. I know that Street Sense offers a workshop on basic budgeting, so that could be another resource to tap into.

Other than that, Anthony is doing well. He seems more rested and alert when I see him selling the paper at 19th and M. Daily showers, the comfort of a bed and the safety that living indoors provides has impacted his life in ways that are nearly difficult to put into words. Check out this article by Angela Harvey about Anthony’s transition into housing.

As for me, I’m doing great. I’m working out some details with my book agent on the direction of my book. I haven’t written much in the past few weeks – in fact I have been doing a lot more administrative tasks related to the book and my storytelling consulting practice. That’s been a difficult area. I enjoy taking on storytelling work, however, it does eat away at the time that I can dedicate to writing. On top of that, I joined the board of Street Sense earlier this year after seeing first hand how much good they can do in the community. They are in dire needs of increased funding to do the kind of work that is necessary in DC. If you are looking for solid organizations that really could use financial support, please consider supporting them by making a donation directly to the organization here.

writingquoteOther than that…I’m sticking around here for the rest of the summer. Even though Anthony has housing now, I hope you will continue to follow his journey and support him. This is a long process and by no means is the struggle over. Never confuse a single win with the final victory.

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