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I have been so derelict in my blog writing. Sometimes I wonder how I wrote every single day back in 2010 when I did the Year of Giving.


Anthony meeting with an outreach worker to discuss his dream to get housing.

So there are several items to update you on. First, Anthony is doing well. We got some amazing news recently. He was approved to receive a small amount of government assistance to help him as we prepare to move him into housing. What? Housing for Anthony?!?! Well, while I have been away there have been some people who have been very busy trying to find housing for Anthony. And with this small supplemental income, I think it will put him in a great position to get into some low-income housing. Special thanks and a shout out to Elizabeth for all of her help with Anthony!!!


Anthony opening a letter from the Social Security Administration informing him that his application for government assistance was accepted. He was so happy!


I took Anthony to his first hockey game.


A couple of other important shout-outs…to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria, VA, Jim and Nicole from Alexandria and Walter of Stuart, VA – all of whom have recently made very generous contributions to help Anthony.


Anthony’s health seems to be fair these days. While my use of the word “fair” may make you think he is not doing all that well, he’s actually doing pretty good. It’s just his overall health is so poor at this moment it’s hard to call it anything else but fair even when he is doing well. I’m going with him on Friday to see his doctor.


And as for me? Well, I’ve been traveling like mad for work. I’ve been on the road every week for the past 12 weeks to places like Richmond, Miami, New York, Boston, Pescadero, Santa Monica and Cuba. Yes, you read correctly, Cuba. I went legally with the US Government’s permission I’ll have you know! It’s an amazing place….so much of it frozen in 1959.


While traveling around Cuba, I ran into the guy who wrote my guide book! Meet Christopher P. Baker, author of National Geographic’s guide book for Cuba.


A snapshot of me with our Cuban guide at Topes de Collantes Nature Park near Trinidad.


So many beautiful old cars….I captured this one driving along a flooded malecon on a sleepy Sunday morning in Havana.

While the globetrotting has slowed me down some, I’ve still been making some good progress on the book. That being said, I regret to share with you that I didn’t meet my April 24th milestone which means I will be sleeping on the streets one night next week with Anthony. That was his choice for my punishment of not reaching my goal. Hopefully the natural elements will be kind to me. Wish me luck!
Oh…one last thing. I did meet with my agent last week in New York City. It was a good meeting and I delivered some writing to him to review and we agreed to touch base next week.

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