Week 8 Update

It seems I got behind on my blog updates, but last week I met up with Anthony for our regular biweekly meeting. He was in pretty good spirits-in fact he told me he had encountered a bit of luck. Apparently a few days earlier he had found $205 (two $100 bills and a five) on the street. “I’ve never found anything like that,” he told me. Anthony used the money to pay for a hotel room for the weekend so that he could get warm and shower.

poboyshopWe walked over to the New Orleans Po’ Boy shop on 19th Street to grab some lunch and catch up on our progress. I went with the Cajun barbecue which I somewhat regretted later – after I saw they had a muffaletta sandwich. Oh well….Anthony didn’t seem disappointed in his turkey and brie po’ boy and chips.

I’ve been really concerned about Anthony’s health and I was glad to hear that he had been to see his primary care physician. Although she was not happy to hear about Anthony’s recent visits to the hospital, she seemed quite positive about the fact that Anthony was taking his health seriously.


The view from my office on Monday

Food in our bellies – we shifted gears toward our progress. Anthony¬†got a very good lead on some potential housing – and while we won’t know anything for some time it is at least some positive news. Most of the centers that we have reached out to don’t return phone calls or don’t follow up after in person meetings. It’s ridiculous.

My writing has been going well. This week I got out of the house on Monday and Tuesday and decided to change the scenery of my office. Sometimes just a different setting can help you feel more motivated. I chose two locations that were places where I had given my $10 away – I thought it would inspire me to write about those moments while I sat in the very same location. Thankfully it was pretty warm out and I even got to sit outside at Lafayette Park which is right in front of the White House. Most of tomorrow I have set aside for writing – I’m looking forward to it!


This little guy kept me company in Lafayette Park on Tuesday afternoon. He did this cool thing where he put his right hand over his left chest as if he were pledging allegiance. Sadly I didn’t have any food for him.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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