Getting my Grove Back!

My workspace today.

Good morning! It is a good morning because it feels awesome to be back on track, dedicating time to my book. It helps compensate for how stupid I felt last night that I had never heard of the film version of Les Miserables before the Golden Globes.

Writing is like any other journey I have embarked on. You have to have conviction, make time for it and stick to your schedule. When I did my Year of Giving, there were plenty of days that I didn’t feel like going out and finding a $10 recipient – but I did it.

I’m also kind of excited about a gift I got from my dad. I’ve been intrigued with voice recognition software and he got me Dragon Dictate which allows you to control your computer, create documents, send emails, search the web, etc. all by voice commands. For as much time as I spend on my computer I thought this might make me more efficient. I will keep you posted on that.

Anthony is doing well too. I saw him again on Friday. He was excited that the weather was forecasted to be fairly warm these days – that makes a big difference in his happiness. Still nobody who is following the blog has stopped by to say hello to him. Don’t forget visit Anthony weekday mornings at the corner of 19th and M and pick up a copy of the Street Sense!


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  1. Linda Lawson

    I’m familiar with a Year of Giving and Anthony, but I was not aware of this blog. For our Day of Service on Sunday, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for two of my friends, we would love to meet Anthony on Sunday and take him to buy something. If he has another friend in his position he would like to bring, bring him along! Get in contact with me Reed and see if this is doable.

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